RTÉ LifeStyle's Taragh Loughrey-Grant led a compelling panel discussion on predicting the future of fashion and beauty, on day one of the Dublin Tech Summit.

Taragh was joined by Ray Noori, CEO of Block Zero, Fashion editor of Chasseur magazine Ian Michael Turner and fashion designer Lina Wassong.

The main talking points from the panel included sustainability in fashion tech and what wearable fashion will look like in the future.

’If you buy something you just want to put it on you don’t want to charge it, so we need to find a way to make our clothing lighter and more emotional.’ said Lina.

Ian Michael Turner said that "the fashion and technology industry have sustainability problems" and that he did not want to see the merging of this problem from both industries.

Ian also said that technology will always outlive clothing and the panel agreed that they would like to see fashion that is interchangeable with tech so that if the tech elements of design changes or develops into something bigger, the fashion element of the outfit is not left behind and of no use to the consumer.

‘’Were trying to take these emerging technologies and trends and try and see how they fit into fashion’’ said Ray.

The question on many people’s and one that was posed to the panel was ‘’what is going to be the next big fashion tech product?’

‘It’s going to be something that’s old and established that is going to take a new shape.’ Said Ian.

For Ray, the one thing he wanted to see in a new fashion tech product was a unique idea.

‘’You don’t want to design just from data and statistics, you want it to be original.’’

Written by Laura Burke