Spring is such an exciting time in fashion, we get to ditch our heavy coats for a light trench and clear out our wardrobes to make way for new fashion...but what about the kids? Do they get to try out a new season of fashion trends? Mothercare stylist Sonia Harris says absolutely.

"Yes, there is such a thing as spring/summer trends for kids and I know that sounds a little bit crazy but it's all about colour and that vibrancy of colour."

As a mum Sonia told RTÉ LifeStyle that she believes she knows exactly what clothes get her kids through this slightly warmer weather we've been enjoying.

"The reality is actually, they feel really hot, they're running around all the time so it's all about long sleeved t-shirts, short sleeved t-shirts on top, maybe a bit of a hoody, then a jacket that inevitably comes off and body warmers, that type of thing."

What can we expect to see from this year's spring/summer collection at Mothercare? Lots and lots of...you guessed it, colour!

"Lots and lots of pastels, lots of really vibrant colours, sort of combined with navies so you've got that really, really lovely standard look of jeans, denims, embroidered denims"

Let be honest, we would all love to stock the kids' wardrobes full of dresses, jeans and everything in between but they'll have grown out of them before the tags have even come off! So what kind of clothes can parents invest in this season?

"The best thing is to get a few investment pieces that you can wear again and again so the likes of the Little Bird collection from Jools Oliver and the My K collection from Myleene Klass, you know, they're actually designed by mums, they have an understanding of this"

Great tips for ensuring your kiddies clothes last ? "Expandable waistlines, elasticated things and drawstring joggers are all great to see a child through about a year".

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