Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year but Halloween is definitely the most fun. Every October kids and grown-ups alike are free to go wild, fill themselves with sugar, and come up with a costume to go play in.

The night is so magical, in fact, that even celebs - who play dress up for a living - enjoy taking part. And while Hollywood is full to brim with creative types, there is no denying that Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween.

Few parties are as popular as the annual spooktacular event that Klum holds. The star-studded attendees pull out all the stops to impress their host, however, few can match the model's dedication and creativity when it comes to an epic Halloween costume.

Jennifer Lopez, Lupita Nyong'o, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba have all committed to their outfits when attending the bash, although they probably didn't have much choice...

The former Project Runway judge has a 'no costume, no entry' policy that applies to all guests - no matter who you are. "The costumes get bigger and better every year," Heidi l told The Hollywood Reporter. "And that's because guests know they won't get in unless they bring it."

From Princess Fiona and Jessica Rabbit to an old woman and Cleopatra, the 46-year-old goes above and beyond to be the best dressed at her own party.

"I get inspiration from anything and anywhere. For example, when I was the robot in 2010, it was because I had been inspired during a trip to Disneyland," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I saw the parade and saw all these people walking on stilts. I was like, "Ooh, I want to be on stilts!" I didn't turn out to be a Disney character, but I just loved the idea of walking on stilts and being really tall."

This year will be Heidi's 20th Halloween party and we can't wait to see what she comes up with. From the looks of her Instagram, it's going to be jaw-droppingly good - or at least it should be seeing as it will take ten hours to put on!

The supermodel posted the below video of Mike Marino sculpting her costume with the caption:

"Mochelangelo… oops!… I mean, Mike Marino hard at work sculpting my Halloween costume. I am so excited for all of you to see his artistry in action! Join us to see my costume unfold on Halloween starting at 10AM in the front window of the @amazon Store at 7 W 34th St in Manhattan. The @prorenfx team will spend 10 hours transforming me into 🤫 (it's a secret). Hope to see you there!"

Click through the gallery above to see some of her most creative costumes.