Who doesn't love Halloween? Once a year you are free to go crazy with your look. In fact, the creepier the better! Celebs love dressing up as much as the rest of us and in Hollywood, Heidi Klum is Halloween Queen. Every year this model wows the crowds with a variation of terrifying disguises! Check out her incredible transformations...


Heidi Klum

How does she manage to still look like a model?! 

Vampire Queen

Heidi Klum

Heidi really likes to sink her teeth into a costume.

Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum

Now that's what we call commitment!

Heidi's Granny

Heidi Klum

This one is incredible! Heidi is the boss. Even in granny's chair.

She is unrecognizable, isn't she? The Hollywood elite will find it difficult to compete with such a professional transformer like Heidi. 

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