Chiara Ferragni
Chiara is one of the most beloved fashion bloggers in the world since starting 'The Blonde Salad'. You might think this blonde beauty is as sweet as pie but don't let her doll-like looks fool you, this woman knows how to conquer. Constantly at work in the fashion business, Chiara travels the world and covers everything from beauty, fashion, style icons and city guides. We've nicknamed her Boss Barbie.

Greta Varlese
At only 17-years of age this young woman, originally from Calabria in the South of Italy, is becoming one of the most-wanted models among designers. She is popular for her defining features and determined expression. She is a star on the rise and will undoubtedly catwalk her way to the top.

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Giulia Valentina
Giulia may be best known as girlfriend to famous Italian rapper Fedez but the fashionista has recently broken up with the tattooed star and kick-started her life as a lifestyle blogger, Instagram It-girl and freelance journalist for Grazia. What else? She’s stunning, stylish and has a great sense of humor. #Goals

Eleonora Carisi
Originally from Torino, Eleonora opened a boutique in her city right after graduating from her Marketing degree. In a short time the fashion blogger found fame through hard work and a connection to Jou Jou Villeroy, designer of the collection Inside You and freelance journalist for, and Elle Girl.

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