Queen B, Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively have all been spotted wearing Lorraine Schwartz's wrap around rings from The Met Gala to film premieres.

Lorraine Schwartz is a hot topic in Hollywood these days. She is responsible for creating jaw-dropping jewellery for the celebrity elite including Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Lately a trend has emerged within the designers rings - the wrap around. These gorgeous jewels wrap around your fingers to create some fabulous decoration and we want in! RTÉ LifeStyle has found the much (much) more affordable dupe to Lorraine Schwartz' beauties.

Kendall showed off her rings on Instagram

Blake Lively is an avid fan of Lorraine Schwartz

So where can a lady buy this look without the million dollar bank account? RTÉ LifeStyle has you covered!

Irish jewellers Juvi have beautiful wrap around designs in their Antibes collection for €94.50:

Juvi are on trend this season

Monsoon's pretty pieces are perfect for your Summer collection for €29.90:


Jon Richard's statement ring can be found in Debenhams for just €23.00:

Jon Richard's statement ring

No doubt this trend will start popping up more and more this summer so get your hands on them early and wrap this style around your little finger! For more fashion news check out RTÉ LifeStyle's Instagram!