Skincare expert Sally Penford from the International Dermal Institute has the answer.

Sally Penford: "It is not secret that a dewy and hydrated skin looks healthy and glows. Light reflects better to create luminosity and fine dehydration lines are plumped and smooth. But sadly our lifestyle and often our skin care practices are not conducive to achieving that ‘just stepped out of the shower’ shine. Central heating, aggressive products and pollution can all contribute to a skin that feels tight and sensitive. So what can we do to put the moisture back?

1. Check your cleansing products PH! Your skin has a PH between 4 and 6 which is acidic. If we use soaps or harsh toners this PH can be destroyed and skin stripped of its natural oils and moisture, taking up to 24 hours to be restored. Meanwhile skin will lose moisture like a grape drying in the mid-day sun. Choose a creamy cleanser with an acidic PH that removes gently with tepid water to make sure the skins barrier remains intact.

2. Spritz and moisturise straight after cleansing while skin is still damp. This way you will trap essential moisture and lock it in with the humectants contained within your products. Look for water binding ingredients that pack a punch. When science steps in to enhance a material, the results can be beautiful. This is the case with cross linked Hyaluronic Acid. It has fifty times the water-binding capacity of natural Hyaluronic Acid! And that means skin is continuously hydrated, plump and healthy. Even after 24hrs, this cross-linked HA holds five times as much moisture in the stratum corneum as standard HA. Studies have also shown that cross-linked HA is a superb free radical scavenger, so you can protect skin while keeping it hydrated.

3. Finish your morning skin care routine with the application of a hydrating Primer. New breeds of Primer go far beyond the purely aesthetic effects and now offer amazing skin benefits such as super hydration with ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Algin and Trehalose. These super heroes lock in optimal hydration and time release throughout the day maintaining skin flexibility and smoothness, and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."