Victoria Beckham's original line is much more sophisticated and less colourful than the (slightly) less expensive, playful Victoria line but there are plenty of gorgeous offerings to drool over. 

"The collection is a reflection of the evolution of my personal style", Victoria said, "So things I have worn in the past that I wanted to rework."

The collection definitely honors Beckham's past links with her Spice Girl uniform of corsets and fitted looks: "Looking at corsets for example - when I first started - looking at a fresh way of doing that, giving it a day feel, taking out the boning.

"There's lots of bodices and as a woman, that's what I love to wear."

As usual the looks were very tailored and she added lots of masculine fabrics. The fabulous thick stripes that are heading our way for the summer are featured heavily.

As for her statement coats: "I've been doing outerwear for quite a few seasons and they were much bigger and much cosier and then towards the end, you see the other silhouette which is much narrower and neater shoulders."