While contouring has taken the world by storm, which is partially due to the chiselled cheekbones of the Kardashians, not everyone favoured this dramatic look. Strobing is a more forgiving, subtle approach to making your features stand out, and, luckily, it's easier to achieve at home and is flattering across the board.

As Aidan says: "Strobing is like the new revolution in makeup; it's like putting a spotlight on your best features. It's really simple, really easy.

"All I'm going to do is use these two highlighters. How you strobe is you put a highlighter on your best features. On the lovely Laura here it's the top of the cheekbone, a little bit over the brow bone, top of the cupid's bow and a tiny amount on the chin.

"The products I'm going to use are Cream Colour Base by MAC in Hush and Soft and Gentle Powder, a cream highlighter and a powder highlighter and I'm going to use them on top of each other. I'm going to start with a 188 brush from MAC with the cream highlighter and then on the top of her cheekbone lightly dance the product across.

Aidan added that you should use soft brush pressure with "the tip of the brush only hitting the skin very lightly. Any heavier than that you're just going to smudge the product. So literally dance this over the cheekbone, the brow bone and then the cupid's bow and a little on the chin, using a small amount each time, lightly building it up slowly.

"Next I'm going to switch to Soft and Gentle, it's a Mineralize highlighter using the same brush – shake off the excess and then apply in the exact same areas, lightly buffing it down. Using a powder on top of a cream is a really great way of reinforcing your highlight, it will strengthen the glow. If you’re feeling fancy you can do a little on your collar bone as well!"