CACI is a skin care treatment that has been around since the 90's but is only now getting a lot of press on this side of the Atlantic. Suzanne Brophy from Cedars Beauty Clinic in Dundrum, Dublin, the educator for the treatment when it first came to Ireland in 1996, has been using the treatment on her clients for years.

Brophy said: "It's an alternative to Botox and fillers, it lifts and tones and firms the face as well as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

"Initially it was used in the medical field for the treatment of Bell's Palsy and Strokes. They found that it was working so effectively on the muscles that...the cosmetic and beauty industry got their hands on it

"It's the best kept [beauty] secret."

In an interview with July's Marie Claire, when asked what skincare gadgets that she used, Aniston said: "I love the CACI laser! A couple of my girlfriends and makeup artist Gucci Westman turned me onto the CACI, and the LED red light therapy gadget. She has amazing skin.

"I think try anything and if it starts to work then it’s a great thing to have. We are really moving forward with technology to do with our skin and it’s fabulous. I haven’t dipped into the filler world yet."

The Mirror reported that Madonna had turned her back on fillers in favour of CACI and even extended her treatments from her face to her whole body.

The Express reported that J-Lo went one step further and was so impressed with the results that she splashed out $25,000 on a CACI Ultra machine so she could have the treatments done on demand in her own home. 

Watch the video above as Suzanne explains see how CACI works.