We'll kick things off with hair because it can cause the most problems when you're spending three nights in a sweaty tent and unless you're glamping and have electricity, you're going to miss your hair-dryer and straighteners pretty early on. We went down to Wilde in Donnybrook to chat to their senior stylist Ger about how you can keep your hair under control and looking great.

Day One:

You arrive at your festival of choice and it's the cleanest you will be all weekend. Your hair is doing what it's supposed to, your clothes are clean and crease free and you still smell good. Ger advised that on day one you either keep your hair loosely wavy, or to add a bit of drama, and to channel Kylie Jenner's braids at Coachella, add some plaits to spice up the wavy look.

Day Two:

Ok, so you've gone with the braid idea from day one so your hair is a little bit all over the place once they come out. How ever will you tame it without your trusty utensils? Ger says to embrace that texture and volume to create one of the chicest, simplest and most practical styles of festival season – the halo braid. Not only does it look great, and look like you've put in some serious effort, it also keeps your hair up out of the way of all that dancing you'll be doing. It's also great if you're getting rained on, a wet halo braid is still a halo braid and you won't have to worry about frizz and fly-aways.

Day Three:

By day three you're fully into the festival vibe, you're caring less and less about what is happening with your hair and you're probably a bit tempted to just throw it up in a top knot so it's off your face and go about your business. You could do that, and let's face it, we've all been there, but Ger recommended trying out a more daring and fun way of keeping your now scruffy locks tame and festival-fancy.

Keeping your make-up on point at a festival is never as tricky as looking after your hair but to find out how to inject a bit of fun into your look, we spoke to Michelle Montgomery, the make-up artist at 53 Main Street in Dundrum.

Day One:

Arriving at the festival you've been able to apply your make-up in the comfort of your home, with ideal lighting and all of your creature comforts so Michelle suggested keeping things simple while your skin is still in good nick.

Day Two:

By the second day, you've already had a night of dancing and indulging and unless you're superwoman, you probably haven't taken your make-up off before falling into your tent in the wee hours. It's time for a bit of colour to distract from the growing bags under your eyes.

Day Three:

It's the final day of the festival and the fun you've been having is starting to show on your skin big time. Using some eye shadow, it's really easy to create some cute little flowers and why not add some glitter for that extra wow factor.

Nails are a great way to experiment with patterns and textures, and nail artist to many of our favourite Irish celebs, Michele Burke of 53 Main Street recommends getting a gelish manicure before you head off because you can pack your bags, pitch your tent and enjoy your weekend without worrying about your polish chipping off. Another big plus, the gelish essentially reinforces your nails, protecting them from the dreaded breakage that is almost certain to happen while camping.

Top 10 festival beauty tips and tricks:

10. Don't start your weekend off with a crazy hair look that will make styling for the next two days harder than it has to be.

9. Splurge on a manicure before you go so your nails look clean and chip-free for the duration.

8. Start using a build up tan in the days leading up to the festival so you look naturally bronzed and won't have to worry about it running should the rain inevitably begin to pour.

7. Don't put your make-up on inside your tent, it just doesn't end well, make the most of that daylight.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

5. Sun cream. Always bring sun cream. No one wants sunburn or skin cancer.

4. Don't skip your skincare routine – you'll need that cleanser and moisturiser more than ever under these conditions.

3. Branch out with some novelty face-paints – anything goes!

2. Choose a neutral lip or just wear a clear balm so you don't have to worry about your lipstick wearing away. If you're going for a statement lip colour, find the longest-wearing, most impossible to remove product on the market.

1. Get yourself ready in the morning and forget about how you look after that, it's a music festival not a fashion show at the end of the day so live in the moment and enjoy!

Sinead Brennan