I visited the Baggot Street clinic to try out this new treatment, where Aisling Cleary, a self-confessed skin-fanatic, took a close look at my skin before tailoring the Vit-illume to suit.

Due to reasons unknown to me, my usually normal/combination skin had been prone to break-outs around my chin and mouth, and Aisling's first aim was to thoroughly remove any impurities trapped under my skin.

The first step involves a cleanse and exfoliation, before a gentle glycolic acid was applied to start working into the pores of my skin.

Then came the fun bit - instead of a usual manual extraction - Aisling used a machine with a suction tool attached to effectively but gently remove trapped sebum from my pores, concentrating heavily on my chin.

Following this, Aisling pumped my skin full of antioxidants and hyalyronic acid to hydrate, nourish and protect.

As a final step, she applied serum and moisturiser, leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Although my skin looked slightly pink immediately after the treatment was finished, it didn't feel tender, and it wore off after an hour or too.

The results with my skin were immediately noticable - the blocked areas around my chin, which were visible as bumpy patches, were greatly reduced, and overall my skin had a lovely glow.

This is a fantastic treatment if you're looking to rejuvenate tired skin, or rid yourself of unsightly blackheads and blocked pores.

The Vit-illume costs €150 at River Medical. To book a free, no obligation consultation with one of their registered nurses call River Medical on: 1850 88 50 50 or visit www.rivermedical.ie

Sarah McIntyre