The brand is the first fashion retailer to features its own customers from across Europer to represent the brand.

The whole idea behind the Me By Me campaign is to celebrate each person's individuality and creative spirit. It aims to inspire shoppers to unlock their personal style.

Sarah Lafferty, a yoga teacher and interior designer from Dundrum, was chosen as the Irish cast member who joined the campaign, which was shot in Cape Town, South Africa.

She and nine other TK Maxx shoppers from across Europe were given free reign to shape the direction of the campaign and experiement with a wide choice of clothing and accessories from the cut-price department store.

Deborah Dolce, Group Brand and Marketing Director, TK Maxx, said: “We loved Sarah’s individuality and quiet inner confidence - she embodied the spirit of Me. By Me. so perfectly with her unique sense of style. We hope she inspires lots of others to experiment, have fun and celebrate their uniqueness too.”

She added: “Me. By Me. is a celebration of our shoppers' spirit and individuality. At TK Maxx, we aren't interested in dictating style or prescribing outfits. Our stores are full of thousands of different gems, with everyday arrivals of designer labels, top brands, up and coming names, and stylish fashion, so that people can find unique pieces or make their own looks. Since everything is great value, it's all the more fun to experiment. We hope Me. By Me. will inspire everyone to keep an open mind, find something they love and express their own unique style."  

The stories of each of the cast have been captured on film and can be viewed online at

Watch the Me By Me campaign ad below