Having good, clear skin is something that most of us dream about, and just the lucky possess. With the party season about to really kick off, and the prospect of all those photos going up on Facebook, I decided I needed to take some action and get my skin in tip-top shape.

I've had facials over the years that have been very relaxing, enjoyable and left me with that post-facial glow for a couple of days, but I've never noticed an actual change in my skin afterwards until I went to Nuala Woulfe.

Nuala is a highly respected skin-care and beauty professional and her background in dermatology made for a very interesting and rewarding experience.

All facial treatments in Nuala's salon in Sandycove are tailored for the individual and while I'd looked through the brochure and decided that the Skinceutical Deep Pore Cleansing Facial was for me, upon consultation with Nuala, she assessed what would work best with my skin, took aspects of different treatments and blended them into one super facial.

During my appointment Nuala exposed me to two treatments I had never had before, and knew very little about, the jet peel and LED light therapy.

LED light therapy was originally developed by NASA and is a great anti-aging treatment as it heals the skin, boosts blood flow, brings key nutrients to the skin and stimulates collagen and fibroblast production. Depending on the colour of the light, different colours have different strengths; Nuala is able to target your specific needs. At 22, anti-ageing isn't really necessary for me just yet so Nuala used a blue light to eliminate bacteria and help to heal my skin. Afterwards my skin felt super soft, almost plump, and firm.

Following the light therapy Nuala recommended the Jet Peel. Now I'd always been under the assumption that any kind of peel would leave my skin red and exposed for a day or two – flashbacks of Samantha in Sex And The City after her facial peel – but this is a painless, natural treatment that feels like someone has turned a tiny tiny power hose onto your skin. The jet exfoliates the skin as the fast moving droplets of saline solution peel off the dead skin while also improving circulation and helping to moisturise.

When it came time to look in the mirror after the treatment, my skin looked a lot better, it had that facial glow but looked visibly clearer already. I had some spots on my chin and to the side of my nose when I went in and Nuala told me that while they were already beginning to heal following the treatment, given another day there would be even more of an impact, and she was right. The next morning I woke up and they were completely faded!

Having a great treatment like that every so often is a great idea and I can only imagine the results after multiple visits but its very important to have a good skincare routine between visits and Nuala recommended a number of products that I should try from the Skinceutical range and also some fish oils that would help with my skin in general.

I've been heeding Nuala's advice thus far and I've noticed a huge change in my skin – my skin is less red, I haven't had any breakouts and my pores, on my nose especially, have shrunk in size – win!

Nuala is currently working out of the Serenity Spa in Glasthule but her own salon will re-open in the New Year.

Visit www.nualawoulfe.ie and www.serenityspa.ie for more information about the treatments on offer.

Sinead Brennan