Speaking at RTE’s new season launch, the Irish stylist, writer and presenter said: “I think Irish women have a real sense of humour about their style, they’re not afraid to have a bit of craic with it.”

"London has different pockets so the style is radically different from Chelsea to Hackney but I think we’re competing, I think we’re level."

She added: “I think the success of Irish designers like Simone Rocha and JW Anderson has definitely helped the perception of Irish style abroad.”

Having written for magazines such as Tatler and having presented the Vodafone Lounge at London’s Fashion Weekend, Angela is definitely a girl who knows her fashion however she believes it’s important not be a slave to trends.

“I think you should just do your own thing because if you’re a slave to trends not all of them will suit you, they’re not meant to suit everyone.”

She added: “Trends are not meant to be worn head to toe like the way the catwalk is done which is to get as much product on one person as possible. It’s supposed to be diluted and you’re supposed to put your own spin on it.”

Angela also believes that if there is one item that every woman should own, it’s a cashmere jumper.

She said: “They are honestly the best hangover cure you’ve had in your whole entire life. You just wrap yourself up like a cotton wool ball and it’s fabulous.

Aside from her impeccable style, Angela is also known for her gorgeous natural red hair and recently filmed a documentary for the RTÉ Two series Reality Bites about being a ginger in Ireland.

She explained: “The documentary will be exploring gingerism as the last remaining acceptable prejudice, looking at what it means to be a redhead in Ireland and looking at how it informs your decisions and your opinions about yourself.”

She added: “I love being a red-head but that said, were there times I wanted to change it? Yeah, probably, but it’s about learning to embrace it.”