The diminutive diva has reinvented herself more times than Madonna and now she’s brought out a book, which documents her countless transformations during 25 years in the music industry.

It contains hundreds of vintage photos, sketches, and press shots of the singer's colourful fashion history. "You could go on tour easier than doing a book, it is an extraordinary amount of work," Kylie revealed, in an interview with Elle magazine. "The hardest part is deciding what to leave out. It is like your wardrobe or your handbag - as big as it is you want to put more in."

Kylie / Fashion contains interviews and quotes from some of the most influential in the fashion industry with an introduction written by Jean Paul Gaultier and commentary from the likes of Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, and Karl Lagerfeld. During Kylie’s incredible career the clothes and hairstyles might have changed along the way, but that enviable figure has not. Today, even at 45, she still has the girlish good looks that lit up the screen when she played Charlene in Neighbours all those years ago.

“My style is eclectic, I'm such a chameleon," Minogue admits. "It is a real pleasure to go around and wear different designers and styles. I get an extra kick if I wear an up and coming designer. It is a really nice feeling to know that it is helping get them out there."
During the interview Kylie admits that she’s always has a great love of fashion, which spans right back to her childhood. "When I was younger, my grandma taught me how to cut patterns and sew," she admitted. "So if someone is doing a fitting on me, I can converse
with them and know what needs to be done."

The book illustrates the singer's transformation from fresh-faced starlet to fashion icon - getting more daring over time. In one of the most recent shots, she has curlers in her hair and strikes a raunchy pose while holding her dress rather than wearing it - and there are many pictures of her outrageous stage costumes including space suits, feather headdresses, and full-on showgirl outfits. "I look back at a piece and think, 'I wore that for 77 shows around the world with all the pain, tears, blood, joy, and all sorts of stories and emotions along with it.'

If you want to see more of Kylie's work as style muse and musician over the years, check out her book, Kylie / Fashion, which she co-wrote with her longtime stylist, William Baker