Jennifer Anniston, Kate Moss and Madonna love them. Actress Uma Thurman likes them so much she gets "doubles," and Kate Middleton had one just days before her wedding. Could oxygen facials really be that good? Many medical sources dismiss the whole idea of oxygen facials, for various reasons. The two objections raised most often: Oxygen can't get "into" the skin by the methods facials use. Oxygen is bad for skin, not good.

Critics argue that it's oxygen itself, in the form of free radicals, that causes wrinkles and aging. Why go to all the trouble to use antioxidants (such as vitamins A, C and E) and then add more oxygen? I wanted to find out what oxygen facial was like before I looked deeper into the pros and cons.

The Oxygen Lift Facial at Therapie (100 euro), the glamorous beauty salon on Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, sounded like the prime suspect. It's a new-fangled facial designed to give skin an instant glow, making it look brighter, softer and more relaxed. To check it out, I booked myself in. First-stop to fab skin!

My therapist, Rosin, started off by telling me about the Oxygen facial treatment from Image Skincare, which promises to totally transform your face. Apparently the treatment will exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate the skin, like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Think beautifully luminous, younger-looking, glowing skin – immediately.

She began by cleansing my face and then applying an enzymatic peel, which had a beautiful light citrus scent and a slight tingling sensation. Once that was removed Rosin carefully applied the oxygenating masque and stem cell enhancer, which is supposed to exfoliate deep down and boost circulation.

The masque, she told me, dissolves a layer of dead skin cells, giving you that fresh ‘just back from a weekend in Connemara’ glow. It was the strangest sensation, because once the masque is applied to your face it bubbles away, lifting off dead skin cells and smoothing your complexion. While the masque was working its magic, Rosin gave me a deeply relaxing shoulder rub, which melted about a years’ worth of stress.

THE RESULT: It was totally painless and my skin felt as if it was being deeply refreshed and rejuvenated. My complexion lost its tired, dull appearance and I was astonished at how fresh and youthful I looked.

DETAILS: Therapie Clinic offers free skin consultations. Find out more by calling Therapie Clinic on 1890 650 750.

COST: €100 at Therapie