Q. I’m worried, really worried. After a quick jaunt around the shops I’ve noticed cropped trousers are a big trend for spring. I haven't worn them in a long time - since I was a kid and they called them ‘pedal pushers’ - how can I wear this look now that I’m in my mid-thirties?

A. Wearing cropped trousers inf February can seem a bit daft. After all, we've got weeks of cold weather yet to endure before we can eventually cast off our winter woollies. Nevertheless, swapping your usual skinnies for a pair of cropped trousers is the easiest way to update your wardrobe.

Take a look at our gallery of high street cropped trousers picks here.

Why? Well, mainly because the fashion gods, otherwise known as designers, have said so. This spring, if you're not sporting a metallic pencil skirt or a tangerine midi, the chances are you'll be reaching for a pair of cropped pants.

That’s because fashion has a new focus: the ankle. After years of exposing the bustline and back, designers have zeroed in on new territory and reintroduced cropped pants.

Leading the short-slacker parade are Capri pants, a favourite of the late Audrey Hepburn back in the '50s, and named for Italy's island of Capri. The snug pants have tapered legs that end just above the ankle and are noted for a little notch or slit on the outside of each leg.

The good news is they are a sexy, stylish and practical addition to any wardrobe and their versatility means they fit in everywhere from the boardroom to the beach, so it's no wonder cropped trousers have never really gone out of fashion.

Get the cut right and they can prove surprisingly flattering for any body shape. Get them wrong, and you end up with chunky thighs, cankles and protruding posteriors.

First among the mistakes to avoid is to team them with socks and sandals second, avoid cheap, clingy material. And, lastly, make sure the length is right - anything above mid-shin will look casual, while a crop reaching the ankle will make it seem like your trousers have shrunk in the wash.

Style Notes
Cropped trousers look especially good when teamed with ballet flats or loafers

Team them with a timeless trench coat for Audrey Hepburn inspired chic

This time around floral and graphic prints – or fabrics such as brocade and metallic – help make the look fresh.

Don’t wear a short, cropped top with Capri pants because this look is all about balance. A casual long sleeved sweatshirt - or a crisp fitted blouse - are the best options.

Georgina Heffernan