You’re opening up a beauty salon next year so beauty is obviously something that’s really important to you, do you have any beauty tips for our readers?
When I started on The X Factor I started going to beauty shops and I think sometimes it’s nice as a woman just to have that little bit of pampering, and that’s what I want to set up with my shops, it’s kind of that tranquil zone where you go, you forget about all your troubles in work, you forget about all your troubles at home and you just go and get pampered, and that’s the most important thing for me.

Beauty tips, I’m a big fan of Sisley products, I really like Black Rose Face Mask, for me personally it’s really helped my skin. And also, don’t put too much products on your skin, there’s so much chemicals and things involved in making products nowadays I think the best thing you can do is sometimes let your skin breath, which is what I do. I just steam my face and then completely leave it with nothing on it and let my skin breath.

What are your desert island beauty products?
I love YSL lip glosses, they’ve got this new lip gloss range and they’re quite sparkly but they’re lovely. I tend to use a Chanel or a Lancome foundation. And I’m a big fan of Bourjois, I always find Boujois eyeshadows really brilliant.

Do you think since becoming famous your style has changed or have you already had a strong sense of style?
I change my style all the time, I’ve always just been a lover of clothes in general so I’m not specific about what I wear, if I see something I like, I wear it. And it changes, I bought studded boots the other day, people were like ‘Becky that’s not you’ and I was like ‘Well it is me because I like them!’ so I think, for me I like to change it up a little bit, but not consciously, when I’m putting clothes on I’m never thinking about what the public will think, I always dress to make myself happy and I wear things that I like. I think that’s the best thing, when you just wear what you like that shines through, just to be yourself and wear stuff that you enjoy wearing.

Are you more of a high street or a designer girl?
I’m a mix really, I’ve got loads of different clothes, I’ve got a lot of designer lothes, but then just the other day I asked my friend where she got her jacket from and she got me this new Gok Wan cardigan from Sainsburys. So I believe in mixing it up, if something’s nice it’s nice. Before I went on the X Factor I used to do a lot of vintage shopping and I’ve been always been a fan of using second hand clothing and mixing it up with new clothes to make it look modern.

As a woman in the public eye do you ever feel pressure to look a certain way or are you confident in the way that you are?
I used to; I think you definitely have moments, but I’m happy with myself, I just think you’ve got to be happy with yourself and how god made you. At the end of the day, most magazines, we’re all airbrushed anyway, it’s not real. And I know that, and so I don’t get bogged down with that really, I just focus on being happy and healthy and being a mum. I have good days and bad days like every girl has.

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Sarah McIntyre