• When buying a bra - try to be professionally fitted by a specialist lingerie shop - but be sure YOU are comfortable with the fit of the bra.

• When buying a bra make sure the bra is a FIRM FIT around your back (but not too tight) as the band of the bra is where 90% of the support is given this also eliminates pressure on shoulders.

• Bra band should be parallel to the body front and back.

• Centre wires should lie flat against the breastbone and bra should remain anchored and not shift when raising your arms.

• If you find that you have some spillage out over the cups of the bra but the back feels ok - go up a cup size or two but KEEP the back size the same.

• Always make sure the bra is sitting HALFWAY BETWEEN your shoulder and your elbow as this is the perfect position for your breasts - When bra is sitting in the right position it gives you a much better silhouette and you will look slimmer straight away.

• So for example - If you wear a 36E bra size and you feel the bra rides up the back and gives you no support but the cup feels fine - try a 34 back size but make sure to go up to an F cup - this is a mistake most women make when trying on bras, as they think all A,B,C,D etc cup sizes are the same when they actually are totally different depending on the back size you try - It is the combination of the back and front of a bra that give you the perfect fit.

• Another example - Spillage - If you feel the cup is too small and you are popping out of the bra but the back is fine - ie 34E is too small on cup - try 34F or FF until all the breast tissue is in the cup - do not go bigger on the back!!

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