A slick of gold is one of the simplest ways to enhance your eyes and can be as easy as a little dust of highlighter or a golden shimmer, to make the colour of your eyes pop. If you don't think gold is for you, don’t worry because this is a shade that suits everyone. Blue eyes look best with bronze golds; brown and green with old golds; while yellowy-gold suits all. Just remember, as with jewellery, less is more with metallics, so think glimmer, not glitter and you'll avoid garish overloading. Right, let’s get started...

Step one: I define my brows, using eyebrow pencil (blonde by Christian Dior, €24) and powder.

Step two: Starting from the inner eyelid and working outwards, I use a medium eye shadow brush and a metallic gold shade to sweep across the eyelid, staying below the crease of the eye and taking the colour to a vertical line halfway across the eyelid. I use Makeup academy Bronze shimmer €5.95 on my lid and Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye shadow in Champagne, €6.54 on the brow bone.

Step three: I add darker shadow shadows into the crease of the eyelid and just below the eye to help make up eyes look bigger.

Step four: Next, I line my eyes with Benefit’s Magic Ink, €21.50, because it’s sexy, stunning & sinfully black. Then, I use eyelash glue to apply false eyelashes to top lashlines; I also cut a little off the inside strip, so that they fit the shape of my eyes perfectly.

Step five: To complete the look, I line the inside of my eye with white eyeliner to help make them really stand out.

The Result: An easy make up look that suits all eye colours.

Georgina Heffernan