Q. My dearest dream would be to have a cleavage - not a very big one, but at least a defined one. I do feel deprived. How can I boost my bust without having to resort to expensive surgery?

A. Thanks to TV shows such as Mad Men, curvaceous figure are back but, let’s face it, bra shopping isn’t much fun when you can’t even pass the pencil test (stick a pencil under your boobs; if it falls to the floor, you fail). If you’ve ever gone into a lingerie shop and gotten dubious looks from the sales assistants, you’ll know what I’m talking about - and it’s particularly difficult when you are surrounded by sexy lingerie that will never, ever fit you unless you have expensive surgery.

The good news is, it is possible to enhance your cleavage without resorting to expensive surgery. All it takes is some exercise, a dollop of bust cream, a supportive bra and a few clever tricks to give you more oomph.

Giving the illusion of a smaller waist and womanly hips, the appropriately named Superego Boost Plunge Bra for killer cleavage (£16.29 38 www.figleaves) will instantly give you curves you have been longing for. The 'Maximiser Bra' has gel 'implants' (about the size of a chicken fillet) inside the cups and it is meant to not only give you a bit extra in the boob department but also push up what you do naturally have. The product costs in the region of €29 and they will bring you up at least two cup sizes, so you’ll have hat extra bit of ‘Oomph!’ quicker than you can say ‘Hello Boys.’

Or, if you need an extra boost, you could also purchase a pair of ‘Chicken Fillets.’ the silicon-filled inserts that slide into your bra and enhance your shape naturally. Available from Pennys and Marks & Spencer, they are certainly cheaper than surgery and the results are impressive.

If that does not work ,a new serum that claims to boost women's cleavage by as much as three-quarters of a cup size in just four weeks has become a hit on the Irish and UK market. The 'boob job in a tube' works by stimulating the formation and storage of naturally occurring fat cells in the breasts, thus boosting the size, the Daily Mail reported. The Bust Fix serum developed by the UK company, NIP + FAB, is flying off the shelves at a rate of 1,000 tubes a minute and can be purchased in Boots stores nationwide and online for €19.

When it comes to fashion, opt for dresses and tops that feature gathering, pleats, twists, knots, and/or ruching at the bodice. It is a trick that works well on small-busted women can provide a visual boost. And remember the golden rule - legs OR cleavage. Never both.

Georgina Heffernan