They operate from their bedrooms and dress in charity shop finds, yet style bloggers are fast becoming the most influential people in the fashion industry. It's a sector that's considered particularly difficult to break into - it's notoriously elitist and nepotism is rife.

However, a new generation of fashion fans are logging on to the internet to share their opinions on everything from the catwalk shows to the most appropriate way to wear a midi skirt. And if the page impressions, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and front-row seats at the Fashion Weeks are any indication, their power and influence are growing every season.

Editor of the hugely popular Sequin Cinderella Nicola McLaughlin tells us a little more about her life as a fashion blogger..

I started blogging because... I am addicted to fashion, I love putting outfits together and styling different looks. Blogging gives me a chance to share this passion with the world. I am a real girl with a real figure and I love that people can use my blog to see how clothes really look. Not how they look on a 6ft tall and size 4 models

The person that changed me... I wouldn't so much say that anyone changed me; however, my mother has had a huge influence on my life. Her love of fashion is what started my love of fashion. She is my biggest fan and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

How did I ever live without... The Sequin Cinderella. I have forgotten what life was like before my blog. I literally spend every spare minute I have working on it. I would happily sit from morning to night on the computer and would enjoy every minute - because I absolutely love what I do

My very first fashion memory... when I was very young I used to try on all my little outfits and have a fashion show for my family. I used to stand on the sofa and make everyone look at my clothes then go and change into something different. I also remember trying on my mums high heels a lot!

I started to establish my style identity when... I always had a sense of my own style, but when I got to secondary school I really found confidence in being unique. I always wanted to be different and have my style stand out from the crowd. Even down to my school shoes. Everyone had to wear black, but I bent the rule slightly wearing a pair of Camper shoes from the twins range. The left shoe had pink embroidered love hearts and the right shoe had yellow question marks. They were quite a talking point, but I loved that people were beginning to notice my style.

My style icons… I tend not to have style icons. Of course there are certain people who I admire but I prefer to take my own unique twist on styles that are out there at the minute. I draw inspiration from lots of places and combine it to make something new.

I look my best... when I feel confident. If I am feeling great I could wear a bin bag and walk down the street feeling as if I'm on a catwalk. But likewise, if I’m not so confident, not even a couture gown could make me look good. For me, feeling good is looking good.

My closet... is overflowing! I had to turn a whole room into my closet to accommodate all my clothes. I keep everything, just in case I might want to wear it in a year or ten. My shoes cover the entire floor and the room is filled with rails of clothes!

I own so many... shoes and handbags. I actually have an addiction. If I buy many more I will need a separate house to keep them in.

Today I'm wearing ... a little shirt and skirt from Jack Wills; it’s a casual Sunday so I have matched them with Converse trainers. I’m rocking the preppy look for today but later I will be glammed up ready to hit the tiles with my ladies.