Q. I’m going to LA on a holiday - but I’m dreading the long haul flight. How can survive the trip and arrive looking pulled together and stylish.

A. While packing for our holidays, we tend to spend weeks planning what outfits to bring. Ten pairs of shorts, ten T-shirts, ten pairs of shoes - formal and informal. Add to that a couple of glamorous evening dresses and a wide-brimmed hat and you'd think you were emigrating instead of spending a week in the sun.

When it comes to travelling clothes, however, all care and thought seems to fly out of the window. It never ceases to amaze me the kind of thrown-together outfits you can spot in the airport check-in queue – neon leggings, slogan t-shirts and crumpled Bermuda shorts – offset by various degrees of sunburn.

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, one thing is for sure, it would be nice to never have the "I just got off the most miserable six-hour flight and then just barely made my connecting flight" look. You know it: dishevelled clothes, possible food or drink stains on the front of a shirt, wrinkled pants, sweaty armpits and a neck cramp resulting from the broken seat that wouldn't recline.

Isn't flying fun? Well, I can't help you with the broken seat problem but I can definitely make the rest of your trip less painful.
Let's start with great travel tips and suitable fashions to help you get from Point A to Point B - in style!

• With no-frills airlines charging to put your suitcase in the hold, and the arduous wait for your bag on the carousel growing ever longer, more and more of us are opting to take only hand luggage on board. Boots, Superdrug and Body Shop all offer a wide range of plane-friendly travel products, and some brands have even built travel kits on your behalf.

• Never wear garments that are too tight – this includes jeans, heels or skirts with tight waistbands. Opt for simple shapes and wrinkle-free fabrics.

• While a tracksuit can be comfy, it is somewhat lacking in style. Instead, why not try a loose fitting top in a neutral shade, such as grey, teamed with a pair of stylish pyjama pants? A chic but roomy tunic dress is also a great option.

• Remember to bring a packet of baby wipes, as these will help you freshen up during the flight.

• When cruising through the skies, moisturiser is your very best friend. Apart from delivering you to your destination, the plane's second mission is to suck every drop of fluid from your body. So apply often and excessively.

• Pack a pashmina and use it as a blanket if you get cold.

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