Q. I’m quite taken with the idea of buying a yellow dress to wear to my sisters’ wedding but I’m a little nervous, as it is such a difficult colour to wear. Any style tips?

The color yellow is synonymous with a few things: bananas, Big Bird, a submarine and Coldplay's breakthrough track. But for a colour with a reputation for being a bit, well, 'difficult', yellow has staged a rather remarkable turnaround over the past few weeks, with celebs such as Kate Middleton, Solange Knowles and Blake Lively stepping out in this vibrant shade. It used to be something of a faux pas but, suddenly, yellow is summers hottest hue.

Of course, there are times when adhering to the latest fashion trend seems like a thankless task. Take the current craze for patterned leggings, for example. They look great on the catwalk; groovy in the fashion mags, but if we're honest, like a load of old nonsense wandering down Grafton Street on a Saturday afternoon.

Fortunately that's not a criticism you could level at summer's prettiest shade. Far from being a complex sartorial statement, wearing yellow is a breeze, especially when the sun is shining and the temperature is starting to rise.

Yellow is always a happy color but the shade of lemon, in particular, is more modern and updated. Brighter hues can be toned down when mixed with neutrals like white, tan, brown, or navy, but softer shades in elegant fabrics look the best. If a yellow dress is a bit Big Bird for your tastes, ease your way in with accessories. And don't worry about your skin tone clashing - there's a shade to suit everyone...

Still not sure how to wear yellow? Here’s a pretty look to inspire you.

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