Q. I’m attending wedding in June and although I have trawled the stores, I still haven’t found anything to wear. I’m 43 years old, still in relatively good shape, and would like to show my figure off. Have you any style tips?

A. For the stylish woman, of all the headaches induced by the approach of the wedding season, finding a fresh, flattering, gorgeous evening outfit is surely among the worst.

Received wisdom dictates that, if you are above a certain age, any garment that smacks of mutton dressed as lamb is to be avoided; accessories should be as carefully selected as the main piece; and the hunt should never, ever be left until the morning or afternoon of the event.

If you're not ultra-organised, you'll invariably end up slinking around in what you donned last year - save, perhaps, for a last-minute new pair of earrings. So don’t leave everything until the last minute.

One of the fabulous things about summer is the range of floaty, feminine frocks that suddenly appear in the shops. And the most modern ones all focus on the necklines. So prepare to bare it and grin.

Fashion has rediscovered an erogenous zone that should please women as well as men - this spring's obsession with the halter neck should be welcomed with open arms.

Many women complain that being forced to expose their shoulders and back leads them down an unflattering road. But why? Those are the very areas most women can show off with confidence.

Even better, they carry on looking presentable when other parts have lost their youthful bloom. Tied at the neck, these cutaway tops and dresses are sure to cause a sensation. So why not stick your neck out and try something a little different?