The 5ft 11in beauty from Culloville, Newry, Co Down is well known for her creative and unique approach to fashion. Here, she shares some of her style secrets.


When it comes to fashion, there are two key words - style and fit. To look good, clothes must fit well, beginning with your underwear. It is essential to be properly fitted for your bra. After being measured, try different styles of bras to find the most flattering for your body shape. The same can be said for your jeans - you may be a size 12 but which style flatters best - skinny, boot cut, flare, baggy or boyfriend cut.


Every girl should examine her wardrobe and identify key pieces that are timeless and carry through the seasons. When buying a key piece - buy the best you can afford. For a fresh modern look, embrace the latest trend, but remember these are not timeless, so consider a bargain buy. High street items can be customised with a change of buttons, an added belt or in the case of shoes, swap laces for ribbons or add some adornment.


Too great a reliance on the latest fashion can swamp an individual, so tighten those purse strings, buy with a critical eye and treat every purchase as a commercial transaction. Always ask yourself "Have I spent my money wisely?"


Remember it is not what you wear, but how you wear it - latest trends should inspire but not dictate - your aim should be to look good and feel good while being true to yourself. Individuality and personality should be enhanced by your choice of clothing.