Q. I’ve read that tangerine is one of the hottest colours for spring but I’ve always found it a particularly difficult shade. Have you any tips on how to wear it without looking garish?

A. The future's bright, the future's orange. And this summer it will be almost impossible to blend into the background as designers chase the tangerine dream. Shirts, shoes, hipsters, handbags and even make-up are all designed to dazzle you over the next couple of months.

Hot orange was one of the powerful colour choices at the designer shows - as Cacharel, Christopher Kane, MaxMara and even Chanel showed us how good it can look. Now it's your turn to bask in the warm glow of orange as the high street explodes with colour.

Think orange is unwearable? It's actually one of the most versatile colours around. Not quite as sexy as red, and not quite as simpering as pink, orange falls nicely in the middle. It gives clothes a fresh, vibrant edge and leaves the severe (and rather cheerless) colours of autumn/winter far behind.

You might say orange is something you eat, not wear. But various designers and manufacturers just may change your mind. The midi dress, for instance, is one of this year's big fashion statements - and in orange it looks amazing. Or why not give your wardrobe a splash of colour with a tangerine trench. Those with darker skin tones can go for vibrant shades, even neon, but fairer complexions are best to stick to more muted tones.

Finish your look with an oversized handbag or an elegant pair of sunglasses.