Q. I was wowed by Angelina’s thigh skimming Oscar dress and, as I have a black tie event coming up, I was thinking of getting something similar. Have you any tips on how to wear the look?

A. When it comes to choosing the right outfit for an opening night, the only way is up. But in the thigh skimming stakes, some A list celebs rise to the occasion rather better than others. At the recent Oscars, Angelina Jolie put her best foot forward, showing an expanse of immaculately toned leg - which should have received an award all of its own.

Overxposure has never been a crime in Hollywood. But stars are taking the slits in their skirts to new heights of public indecency. And as summer begins, you may see a high yield of thigh on city streets as well. As Angelina, I suspect, knows all too well, the split dress is a cunning outfit, because it will look reasonably classy (well, they're long, at least, so can technically pass for black tie), while leaving little to the imagination. It’s a trend that’s not really for the wall flowers but it proves one thing – a glimpse of something is far more tantalizing than showing the whole lot off.

Here’s a few tips for getting this look right:

Avoid wearing any kind of ankle strap, as they will only make your legs look shorter. A high sandal or nude courts are the perfect choice.

Pamper your thighs beforehand with a good body scrub and moisturizer.

Cover bruises or any other imperfections with a good concealer such as MAC’s Face and Body.

Want a more demure version of the look? Go for a long sleeved dress – your legs will still grab all of the attention.

If you are sporting this look in summer then tanned, toned, bare legs are the perfect accessory!