My very first fashion memory... Looking through my fashion magazines and cutting out my favourite clippings.

I started to establish my style identity when... I played many sports when I was in school, so I wore a lot of tracksuits and hoodies. When I was about 16, I started listening to more punk and rock, so I guess the music also influenced my style too.

The day that changed my life... I have quite a lot of these days. Going to college and studying horses, it’s always what I wanted to do. Being asked to model and finding out I really like it. Walking in London Fashion Week last year. Getting to work with amazing people both here and abroad.

If I wasn't a model I'd be... A horse trainer/Instructor or, because I love animals, I would like to take on the role of an animal activist.

The thing that I like most about my appearance... My eyes, the green-blue colour they have.

I look my best...When I feel the best!

My closet...Is bursting at its seams. Oh! That reminds me I really do need (WANT) more shoes!

I own so many... Beanie Babies, yep you heard it right, and I actually have hundreds of them. They live in the attic now though.

My favourite place in the world is...Home. Don't get me wrong I do love travelling and experiencing new places but home for me is "where the heart is" and where my dogs are - all 5 of them.

The person that changed me... My second boyfriend.

How did I ever live without? My phone and my diary.

My greatest inspiration... It would definitely have to be my Nana, Eithne Penny, I love her so much. She is oh so very talented - she has an amazing beautiful soft voice and a great painter. She was always the one that sowed the eyes back on to "Woof Woof" one of my favorite teddies. She was the one that told me I could do anything…