The magazine says that the Pass Out star shows a "true passion for elegance and proportions"

Coming in at second place is Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli while Doctor Who star Matt Smith takes third place, with the magazine stating that he "looks cool in clothes that should be a joke".

Chris Brown took the top spot on the worst dressed lists, with Steve Hilton and Robbie Savage coming in second and third respectively.

The top ten of the GQ best dressed men list for 2012 is as follows:

1. Tinie Tempah
2. Mario Balotelli
3. Matt Smith
4. Robert Pattinson
5. Andrew Garfield
6. Henry Cavill
7. Idris Elba
8. Christian Bale
9. Sergio Pizzorno
10. Ian Brown

1. Chris Brown
2. Steve Hilton
3. Robbie Savage
4. Dappy (N-Dubz)
5. Mike Jeffries (Abercrombie & Fitch CEO)
6. Country Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons)
7. Mark Wright (reality TV star)
8. Douglas Alexander (shadow foreign secretary)
9. Jamie Oliver
10. Ollie Locke (reality TV star)