Kate Moss was reportedly denied entry to a surprise Pulp performance at the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend.

The supermodel clashed with security personnel after trying to slip backstage to see the band’s impressive return at the famous music festival.

Moss, who was at Glastonbury to see her fiancé Jamie Hince play with his band The Kills, was photographed by The Mail On Sunday trying in vain to 'reason' with a large bouncer outside the

It has not yet been made clear why the 37-year-old was denied entry. Only this week, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis was said to have blamed Moss for turning the festival into a middle class and elitist affair.

It was Pulp's fourth Glastonbury appearance but their first for nine years and as they came on stage, frontman Jarvis Cocker told the crowd: "We couldn't think of anything to get you so we brought the sunshine."

After their set, which included Disco 2000 and Common People, he added: "Thanks Glastonbury, obviously it's been a very important place for us. When we played in '95 things took off for us and we went in a strange orbit around the earth, and now we're back home in one piece."