The White House in Swords specialises in laser teeth whitening. The treatment lasts less than forty minutes and promises results of minimum four to eight shades whiter, with up to 14 shades whiter for heavily stained teeth.

Freddy Desmond, a laser teeth whitening specialist and the owner of the clinic, explained the teeth whitening process to me before beginning the procedure.

The treatment was split into three sections of 12 minutes; to begin with he applied a film along my teeth to protect my gums from the gel. Then the whitening gel was applied, and exposed to the laser light – this was then repeated twice.

I felt slight sensitivity during the second portion of the treatment in one tooth, so Freddy applied a special gel for sensitive teeth which reduced the sensitivity.

Apart from moments of sensitivity, the treatment went smoothly and once it was finished I inspected the results. Being a heavy tea and coffee drinker, my teeth were far from being pearly white, and the difference the treatment made was immediately noticeable. My teeth had lightened by at four or five shades, which made them look significantly better.

After the treatment, you must avoid any food or drink that may stain the teeth as the teeth are more susceptible to staining for twenty-four hours, you also cannot smoke or use coloured toothpaste or mouthwash. During that time my teeth also felt more sensitive than usual, and were especially susceptible to hot food and drinks. However, this did wear off after the first night and the results outweighed the drawbacks.

A treatment at The White House costs €250, with the option of two top-up treatments within 18 months of €75 each.

The White House also offers a 100% money back guarantee if the clients’ teeth are not whitened.

The White House Swords
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