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As always Evelyn O'Rourke and the team have called on some experts to share the nuggets to make it all golden in the exams. This time out we look at English Paper 2, Chemistry and Geography.

In studio Clodagh Havel, an English teacher at Dublin's Institute of Education, is here to guide you through Paper 2, from the poems to the plays and much more. She will open up the library and pull out the best texts for you in preparation for the exam.

You want the right reaction when you see the Chemistry exam paper in June (PUN ALERT!), so Tara Lyons, Chemistry Teacher from The Institute of Education in Dublin joins us to keep your revision all bubbling along.

If you study Geography for the Leaving Cert, you will know that it is not just about how an oxbow lake forms, or the extent of coastal is a wide and varied subject that ranges from weather charts, to volcanoes to colonialism! Andy Levis is a Geography Teacher at Midleton College in Cork and he joins us on the line to tell us more.

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