It's back! You asked for it! In fact, there's a whole series of state exams in June to check that you've listened to Drivetime Study Hub! Well, it might actually be the other way around...

But, Evelyn O'Rourke and the crack team from Radio 1's Study Hub is back with the best advice on Leaving Cert subjects, how to prepare for them, how to break things down, and also how to look after yourself, as you get ready for the LC.

This year you can hear us every Wednesday on Drivetime and download or stream the specially extended podcast with the very latest you need to know.

In week one we will look at English, Music and give you some advice on study skills.

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Every Monday on RTÉ Learn we will tell you what is coming up that week, and that article will be the anchor to listen back and get additional resources.

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