Only two more days to go!! The vast majority of students are done with Leaving Cert 2022, but there are still some subjects to go.

Today, we had Economics, Religious Education and Applied Maths. In this Leaving Cert Diary, with thanks to the Irish Second-Level Students' Union (ISSU) and the students, we review Economics and Applied Maths.

Caitlyn Faye Maniti from Loreto Letterkenny in Donegal finished her Leaving Cert with her favourite subject - Economics. And, Eoin Connolly from Villiers School in Limerick is first up with his written diary on Applied Maths.

Eoin writes...

Applied Maths was a bit of a struggle, the questions were OK in parts but there were also parts that were much more difficult. I wasn't able to fully complete most of the questions asked and my arm was hurting at the end of the exam.

I’m still fairly happy with it nonetheless, I wasn’t hoping for that much in it and still got a good bit done where I’m fairly confident I got the right answer.

Only 1 exam to go!

Caitlin writes...

Free at last! I am finally finished with all my Leaving Certificate exams and what a wonderful way to end it other than with my favourite subject, Economics.

The Economics curriculum was reformed recently, so we were the second year to have ever sat the new exams. Personally, I really like the way they structure the questions. Not only were you tested on your understanding of the economic concepts but you were also forced to think outside the box and apply it to current events.

Starting off with the short questions, this year we were given 10 short questions with only 5 to complete, altogether they accounted for 75 marks. Luckily, I was able to fly through most of them. Some questions were lovely but others did force me to stop and think for a while. Like Q5, on the ageing population. This question really caught me off guard but I was able to write as much as I can with the information I had. Overall it went very smoothly.

The long questions were, how do I say this, extremely long... but they were standard and fair. There was a lot more writing involved that I thought there would be. We were given 6 long questions with only 3 to complete for 225 marks. I quite enjoyed answering Q14 and Q16. The calculations were straightforward and the graph was simple to draw. At the end, I was able to fully complete 4 of the long questions. I was delighted to see questions based on topics such as the housing crisis, gender pay gap, fast fashion and so much more.

All in all, I thought the choice of questions were very accessible. There were a variety of different topics that were brought up so I chose to answer the topics I was most confident in.

Fortunately that's it for me, and I am so grateful to be leaving off on a good note! Good luck to everyone else who still has exams, hang in there you're almost at the end.

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