Tara Lyons from Dublin's Institute of Education is here with six videos to guide Leaving Cert Chemistry Higher Level students through the 2022 exam.

Watch the intro above and scroll down to watch six videos with top tips and advice!

Tara has been teaching Higher Level Chemistry at The Institute of Education since 2001. During this time, many of her students have achieved excellent results with one of her students receiving the highest grade in Chemistry in Ireland. Her aim is to make her subject clear, accessible and interesting so that students will want to continue studying Chemistry.

The Leaving Certificate Chemistry (Higher) Exam 2022

1. Organic Reactions

In this video we focus on some of the organic reaction types that we meet on our syllabus.

2. Organic Experiments - Soap

A look at one of the seven mandatory organic chemistry experiments; preparation of soap.

3. Heats of Reaction (Hess's Law)

In this video we use Hess' Law to solve a heat of reaction.

4. Chemical equilibrium Calculation

Here Tara looks at a chemical equilibrium calculation.

5 Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric analysis and how it used to find the concentration of a solution.

6 Balancing Redox Reactions

In this video we use oxidation numbers to balance a REDOX equation.

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