To help all you Leaving Cert students prepare for your Irish Higher Level exam, check out these videos from Dublin's Institute of Education's Dr Michael Casey with some advice and tips.

Dr Michael Casey is a Fulbright Scholar and was awarded a PhD in 2020 from Ulster University, Derry. He has 15 years of teaching experience, having previously worked as an Irish tutor in both the US and Germany. He is an exam corrector with the State Examinations Commission.

1. An Chluastuiscint: In this video, we will look at the importance of spelling and where marks can be lost in the listening comprehension. We will also look some common errors that students make and along with the types of questions that can surface in an exam.

2. An Aiste: For our essay we will look at some tips for focusing the introduction and conclusion to the topic at hand, twisting an international and national based essay, while also showing how to thoroughly deconstruct the title of an essay to make sure you don't lose any marks. 

3. An Léamhthuiscint: Now that we have a choice between the two reading comprehensions for 2021, which one should I chose? In this video, we will look at your Question 6 (a) and Question 6 (b) opinion piece and what is expected from each section. 

4. An Prós: In 2021, we now have a choice to focus on the Prós (Story section) over poetry. In this video, we will take some recent exam questions and look at ways to direct attention to the exam question at hand by taking some recent.  

5. An Fhilíocht: In 2021 we have the opportunity to focus on the Poetry over prós, we will look at deconstructing the poetry question and look at focusing our material to better fit the question at hand. We will look at two exam questions from recent years.

6. An Triail: We will cover the marking scheme for our An Triail by looking at a previous exam year and what it required students to talk about. In this, we want to avoid our answers looking like a summary of the play.

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