The Ireland's Future Is MINE Primary School competition is now accepting your submissions!

The Dream Space crew are here with some tips as schools all over the island plan and begin to build a greener and more sustainable version of their locality.

The closing date for entries is Monday, 21 February and you can enter HERE!

NB: This is a group project so individual students cannot enter. Teachers must enter their class in the competition.

Find out what judges are looking for when it comes to your submission. Amanda and Corey even give some insider tips to keep in mind when preparing your build and video entry.

Let's take a closer look at these tips below and the FAQ video to make sure you can make your submissions the best they can be!

What is Your Vision?

The Ireland's Future is MINE competition is all about using Minecraft: Education Edition to bring your ideas to life. This means that before starting your build make sure you and your class have a clear vision for what exactly you want your submission to look like.

The Dream Space team are asking you to look forward to a more sustainable future and then recreate what your local area will look like.

Sustainability was discussed all the way back in Episode 1 of Dream Space TV when Amanda and Corey built a sustainable garden for their dream home.

You can look back on that episode and find the resources HERE!


As with every build and challenge we have completed in Dream Space TV, we must go through our key steps - PLAN, DO, REVIEW.

Research is a key part of the planning stage of any build and judges would love to see evidence of this research in your submissions.

Need help guiding your research and planning? Why not check out the project book we have created for you to help get a better idea of your area and sustainability before you start your build.

Download the Project Book HERE!


We can't build a more sustainable future alone and that’s why the Ireland’s Future is MINE judges are looking for evidence of collaboration and teamwork in your submission.

During the planning phase of your build decide on which part each person is going to work on while making sure everyone is getting involved. It’s super easy to collaborate in Minecraft: Education Edition using multiplayer.

Amanda and Corey explained how to use multiplayer back in Episode 3 of Dream Space TV as they used it to help create their desert island...

Build Commands

Your local area might be quite big and placing each individual block to recreate it might take quite some time, that's why the judges are keeping on eye out for any class that use build commands to help them in their Ireland’s Future is MINE entry.

Build commands can help reduce the time it takes to make the outline or structure of some aspects of our builds so that we can focus on being creative and innovative with the finer details.

The Dream Space TV Episode 3 worksheets can also help you practice your build commands and become a master bulk builder!

Click here to download it!


The Dream Space crew absolutely love coding and know how fun and important it can be. That's why the judges will be looking for evidence of coding in your Ireland’s Future is MINE submission.

Recreating a sustainable version of your local area in Minecraft: Education Edition is no small feat so you will need as much help from your friends as possible, and we all know who our best friend is in Minecraft: Education Edition is, it’s our Coding Agent! So, get them involved and make the most of Code Builder.

Amanda and Corey explained how to code in Minecraft: Education Edition back in Episode 5 of Dream Space TV as they used it to build areas for the coexistence of both people and polar bears.

Watch Episode 5 again here!

Your Video

As much as the Dream Space crew would love to have a tour of each and every part of your build for the Ireland's Future is MINE competition, we want to make sure that we get to see all of the amazing submissions coming in from across the island.

Therefore, we are asking that the maximum duration of your video submission be THREE MINUTES.

If you are having trouble editing your video to fit the time Michael McNamara, PDST Team Leader - Digital Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Assessment has some very useful resources.

The PDST have shared tutorials of the best free video editing software that can be used to help create your submission below.

Adobe Spark Video - YouTube

WeVideo: Video Editing - YouTube

iMovie: Video Editing - YouTube

That's all the tips and tricks we have for you now. We hope you are as excited as we are to see all the amazing things the students across the island of Ireland are set to build as they craft a more sustainable future for us all!

If you have any questions related to using Minecraft: Education Edition, the Ireland’s Future is MINE competition or the creation of your class’ video submission, be sure to head over to our support page here:



Check out our competition rubric below to help guide you and your class’ build and video submission.