It's time for another episode of The Kids Are All Right! RTÉjr Radio's mental health podcast for young people.

In this two-part special Climate Activist and An Taisce Climate Ambassador, Ellen Hegarty talks to us about Climate Change.

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With so many different words and concepts used by the experts, it can be really confusing to understand the difference between global warming, climate change, pollution in our seas, the bio-diversity crisis, plastic pollution...phew!!

So, Ellen explains to Buster and Buddy that global warming means the world is warming up because we have been producing too many greenhouse gases in the way we have created our energy over the last few hundred years. And these gases go up into our atmosphere and act like a cosy blanket around the world; but the problem is that the world can’t take this blanket off and now it’s warming up too much.

And global warming is like how when we are sick, and we get a temperature; we don’t feel or behave like we normally would when we’re feeling well. And so global warming is like the world is sick and has a temperature, which is making the world behave differently too….and this is making its climate change and behave strangely!

Ellen prefers to use the phrase, Global Weirding which is how our weather is changing in lots of big and crazy ways with storms, floods and droughts!

Now that they have a much better understanding of global warming and climate change, Michelle, Buster and Buddy wanted to find out more...

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Ellen says that the Covid-19 pandemic has not just taught us all how important nature is to our health and well-being, but we saw the true power of what working together on a world scale can achieve. It has proven that leaders and countries can indeed come together to fight against a common problem. Fantastic!

She talks about LOADS of things we CAN do in our own lives that will make a really make a difference and Buster and Buddy can’t believe when she tells them that food waste has almost more of a bad impact on climate change than air travel!

Ellen encourages Buster and Buddy, and All the kids to channel their inner Greta Thunberg and use their 'pester power’ to encourage the adults in their lives to make the right environmental choices and to ensure the politicians hear their voices that a clean and healthy world is what they want in their future

And remember try to: Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Well!

Download the Climate Change activity sheet here!

Activity sheet: What can I do about Climate Change?

Watch the recap video here...

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Producer Michelle and her team have a collective 50 year of experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

Meet our special guest

Ellen Hegarty is a veterinary surgeon, a mother of three and a climate ambassador with An Taisce.
Originally from a farm in West Cork, she now lives with her family in Dublin.

Ellen's strong passion for the natural world and concern with how climate change and biodiversity loss will impact both it and future generations of humanity, has led her to complete a Masters in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society in DCU.

Tá Gaeilge aici. She is the veterinary presenter on the RTÉ One bilingual television show 'Peataí’ (Pets) and is a regular presenter on the environmental show on Radió na Life.

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