In this episode of The Kids Are All Right we speak with Dr Mary O’Kane lecturer in Psychology and Education about how we can learn to deal with the hard things that sometimes come along in life.

This is called resilience and she explains that this is the ability to plod on, even when things are tough. And Dr Mary believes that kids have actually learned Lots of resilience over the last few years of Covid, even if they haven’t realised it yet!

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She talks about how most kids (and adults!) hate when things change, but explains that when we accept that change is a normal part of life and recognize All the changes we’ve already been through,…AND that we got through, this can really help us build our resilience.

Dr Mary O'Kane is our special guest on the show!

And she tells Buster and Buddy that when we are going through difficult times of change or dealing with hard things, a really good thing we can do is to think about all the things that we Can control in our lives…like what we’re going to have for breakfast, what pyjamas we’re going to wear to bed, what story we’re going to read before sleep….this is called, Controlling the Controllables!

Learning lots of other tips and ideas from Dr Mary, Buster and Buddy are full of ideas about how they can find their 'Inner Brave’ and build their resilience!

And remember, try to Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Well!

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More about Dr Mary...

Dr Mary O’Kane is a Lecturer in Psychology, Early Childhood Studies and Education.

Mary is a regular contributor to the Anton Savage Show on Newstalk Radio, and contributes to a range of other national and local radio shows discussing a broad range of parenting issues. Her first book, Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Connection not Perfection, was published in 2021.

Mary is also a regular contributor on Ireland AM discussing a broad range of parenting and childhood issues while responding to viewers parenting questions.

Click here to see her website.

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