Let's learn some Irish Sign Language (ISL) with the help of Sarah Jane O'Regan.

She is a Deaf, native ISL signer and comes from a large Deaf family. She recently became a qualified Deaf Interpreter (DI) and her favourite DI job was the Late Late Toy Show in 2021!

She began to make YouTube videos as a lockdown project and has carried on with it to this day. She presents the News for the Deaf and ISL Weather on RTE 1. As a music lover, her dream is to interpret at a concert!

Thanks so much to Sarah Jane for sharing her YouTube videos with us. Start at the top with the alphabet!

And there is a really fun video below where she shows us how to sign animals!!

You can see all of Sarah Jane's videos here on her own YouTube channel!

Of course, you have already seen Sarah Jane in action last year on the Late Late Toy Show. That was a really important job for everyone involved and it's really important that everyone got to enjoy the show!

All this week is ISL Awareness Week and you can find out more about the shows we have on RTÉ here. Thanks so much to all the interpreters who do such a good job!

ISL Awareness Week on RTÉ