SPF TV, the virtual TV station for St Patrick's Day is back on air!

Once again it will be broadcasting during the Festival, offering daily, on-demand, free and globally accessible programmes to those who cannot be with us in person.

Most films will be available to watch from date of broadcast until 26 March and out friends at St Patrick's Festival have shared some great shows to look watch this REALLY long weekend.

Download the full SPF TV Schedule here and get planning your #SPF22 wherever you are.

1. Special and Ordinary Objects Drawing Workshop

The Ark's drawing workshop with Duffy Sheppard Mooney for children aged 5-12 years old takes inspiration from special and ordinary objects.

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2. National Gallery at Home

Be inspired by some of the fabulous works of art in the National Gallery of Ireland and create your own masterpieces at home! This fun and informative series of videos will bring out the budding artist in you.

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3. Science At Home with Dr. Dan Nicktström

Awaken your inner physicist with some Science At Home with Dr. Dan Nickström. Each episode explores and explains a different scientific topic in a fun and approachable manner, from the everyday things we encounter in our homes, to the weird and wacky laws of physics out in space!

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4. Cluasa Capaill ar an Rí Reading with Bridget Breathnach

Bridget Bhreathnach reads the award-winning Irish-language picture book Cluasa Capaill ar an Rí.

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5. Paint Stuff

The Ark's 'paint stuff’ workshop with Lucy Hill for children aged 8 to 12 years explores creating paints and pigments using everyday 'stuff’ from lemon juice to soya sauce to hand sanitiser!

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