That's Animal, the RTÉjr Radio show all about the animals at Dublin Zoo is here to tell you all about one of the cutest animals in the world - the Red Panda!

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Here your host, Zookeeper Brendan, tells us a bit more about these cat-sized creatures...

Cute, small and red…what exactly is a Red Panda?

They share part of their name with the Giant Panda, but are they related? We talk about the natural habitat of this small bamboo eater and discover why their fur is coloured the way it is!

Let's talk poo! What makes Red Panda poo the colour it is? Join zookeeper Brendan Walsh as we find out the answers to these questions and more.

We'll also have another animal sound to guess, and more "Which is false?" questions to answer!

To celebrate the show you could win a trip to Dublin Zoo each week!

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Thanks to our friends at Dublin Zoo this new series will teach us more about the animals there and we get to meet the people who look after them too.

Tune in to RTÉjr Radio 7pm this evening!

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