With thanks to our friends at The Marine Institute, we are going to help you get to know your jellyfish.

Have a look at the series of videos to see what they look like and learn some facts about the different species.

Irish waters are home to gelatinous species of all shapes and sizes including the common Moon, Barrel and Compass jellyfish, and the largest jellyfish in the world - the Lion's Mane jellyfish!

Watch the videos below to learn more about Jellyfish and download the fact sheet HERE!

1. First up we have the the Barrel Jellyfish!

2. Now let's look at the Compass Jellyfish. Can you guess where it got its name?

3. The Lion's Mane jellyfish is one of the largest in the world!

4. The By The Wind Sailor technically isn't even a jellyfish...

5. The Gooseberry Jellyfish are tiny!

6. Moon Jellyfish are very common in Irish waters.

Click here to download a colouring sheet with some jellyfish and one of their natural predators - turtles!

And you can find more resources from the Marine Institute on RTÉ Learn HERE!