In the third episode of Microsoft DreamSpace ByteSize, Michael and Niamh introduce you and your class to the third problem solving skill used by computer scientists and coders - abstraction!

This means focusing on the important details. We are going to be practicing this skill by learning all about pixels and how we can use them to create and design shapes and characters.

We will design our very own pixel art characters but not before we learn all about pixels, create pixel shapes and list all the important details that we want to include in our character.

During the review, reflect on how we could have improved our characters and why it was important to focus on what we wanted to include as we only had a limited number of pixels.

WALT: We Are Learning To Design Pixel Characters

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Check out the curriculum links for this episode below:

Curriculum Area: Mathematics

Strand: Shape and space

Strand Unit: 2-D shapes

Curriculum Area: Visual Arts

Strand: Visual Arts

Strand Unit: Making drawings, Looking and responding

Curriculum Area: Primary Language

Strand: Oral Language

Element: Communicating, Understanding, Exploring and using.

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