Today, Múinteoir John told us all about The Guinness Book of Records, where all the weird and wonderful world records achieved all over the globe are kept!

Imagine you are have been challenged to break a world record! Make a plan on how you would go about it, what steps you would take in order to train for the record-breaking attempt and any props needed!

Break a World Record!

First of all, choose one of the following 6 world records…

Most consecutive pogo-stick jumps In 1990, a man called Gary Stewart did 177,737 pogo jumps in a row in California.

Longest time staying COMPLETELY still In 1997, Om Prakash Singh of India stood completely still for 20 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds.

Loudest scream by a crowd A scream by a group of Scouts (in Finland) was measured to reach a level of 127.2 decibels in 2005.

The longest Riverdance line This was achieved by 1,693 participants in Dublin in 2013.

Longest joke-telling marathon In 1992, Mike Heeman of the USA cracked 12,682 jokes in 24hrs.

Most people crammed into a smart car 13 girls in Munich, Germany, in 1999.

Make your own record breaking plan on the activity sheet here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

My record-breaking plan!

The record I have chosen to break is…

What I'll need to do to prepare for breaking this record…



What is the current record? Who else will I need to involve..?


What props I’ll need…



Irish People & World Records

Cover Star!

The Guinness Book of Records always has a very striking and attention-grabbing front cover, with lots of colour. Imagine you have been asked to design the cover of The Guinness Book of Records for 2021.

Draw and colour it below onto the template. [If you like, you can have a look online at previous book covers for inspiration!)