Today Múinteor John showed us how there are various ways to do multiplication than the way we learn at school. Even though they are different, they get the same results.

For example, look at how we do multiplication when we multiply 121 x 14. We usually start by multiplying 4 with the top line, then multiply the top line by 1, like below.

x 14
484 (multiply top line by 4 you get 484)
+1210 (Add a 0 and then multiply top line by 1 and you get 1210)
= 1694 (add the two lines to get your answer 1694!)

But there are different ways of doing maths around the world!

Japanese Line Method: This will blow your mind! Let's try 14 x 23 using our method first.

Download the activity sheet below to see how it works!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Cool patterns

The Japanese Line Method is a cool way of creating a pattern that we understand to multiply numbers. But some patterns completely confuse our brains.

This pattern below looks like it is moving but it isn't! How weird is that?

Sometimes our brains interpret patterns that don’t exist, like how we sometimes see faces in objects.

What do you see below?

Look again! Do you see a vase or two faces? Or both? 

Checker Shadow Illusion

This is so weird. You will need a scissors and some help from an adult. Cut out the image below.

Look at the squares marked with an X. They look like they are different shades of grey.

But they are actually the exact same colour! Don't believe it?

Cut out each X and place them side by side...

This is the X closest to the circle And this is the X below it.

How weird is that! They are the exact same colour!