In today's class with Múinteoir Ray, we learned about colour, and in particular, pixels. Pixels are tiny blocks of colour which form pictures.

Even when you look at a computer screen or on a phone, every image you see is made up of these teeny tiny "building blocks" of colour.

If a picture is very pixelated, it means we can really see the little blocks of colour, like in the picture of the above dinosaur.


All the activities for this lesson and the answers to the quiz are here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Colour Contrast

Múinteoir Ray also told us about contrasting colours today too. Colour contrast means that two colours that are very different from one another are positioned beside one another - often a light colour beside a dark one.

This effect usually grabs attention!

Have a look at these images, which are high in contrast:

Contrasting colours

Colour in this umbrella in contrasting colours. Or, use contrasting coloured paper to stick onto the image to create a collage!

Mood Colours

We also learned today how colour is often used to create a mood!

Colours have certain associations, for example: Blue is often linked with sadness. Green is often linked with calm & nature. Red: danger, anger, love. Yellow: happiness.

The following pictures are just in black and white. What colours would you add to fit the mood of the picture?

You can:

1. Colour them in / shade in the background with that colour.


2. Write down the name of the colour underneath, along with the reason you chose it!

Answers to the pixelated images and all the activities can be downloaded HERE!