Now, these guys could be the stars of all the Home School Hub visits to the Zoo so far. It's time to meet the famous Meerkats.

John from Dublin Zoo's Discovery and Learning Team has lots of really cool facts about these little creatures.

Family groups are called gangs or mobs. Multiple familial groupings of meerkats are called packs. If you have ever seen them on nature shows, you will see how the groups all help each other keep an eye out for danger.

They will stand on their back legs and make different noises if they spot something!

Meerkats have a special covering ontheir eyes that protect them from dirt and dust while digging. Have a look at the picture below to see what we are talking about.

Can you dig it?

Meerkats are excellent diggers. Their underground tunnels can be very long with lots of different rooms. When the guard meerkat gives a warning call, the others run into their tunnels to escape danger.

Download the activity sheet to try the puzzle!

You can learn about lots more animals by clicking on the link here! ENJOY!