It's time to meet some primates! Kelly from Dublin Zoo's Discovery and Learning Team is bringing us to see some Sulawesi-Crested Macaques. 

Have a look at the video at the top of the article where she will show us their habitat and teach us loads more!

Fun fact: Sulawesi-crested macaques can move the tuft of hair on their head to express their emotions.

Sulawesi-crested macaques live in groups called troops which can be made up of 5-25 individuals. Part of being in the troop is grooming each other. They do this to keep each other healthy but it also shows that a bond between the animals.

Guess the primate

Sulawesi-crested macaques are primates. Primates are a large group of animals that include lemurs, apes and monkeys. There are lots of primates at Dublin Zoo. Can you work out who they are?

Download the activity sheet here!

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